Monday, December 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day

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It was freezing by Southern California standards this morning so I thought it would be fun to pull out my fur vest and layer it over my outfit to start the day. It was 70 by mid-afternoon so the vest never went back on, but it felt a little more like Christmas time with that chill in the air when I left the house. I am loving this knee length pleated skirt from Kohl's. It is great for school because it's long and is easy to sit and move around in. The Nine West shoes I got for my birthday are really high, but super comfortable. I like to choose heels with a wedge in front because they tend to be much more comfortable, and therefore more practical. I was thinking this outfit would be cute for Christmas at home as well with some tights and different shoes. The plum color of the skirt and the fur makes it just holiday enough without being red and green. How else can I wear this skirt?

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