Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best in Brunch

Brunch is by far my favorite meal. You get the best parts of breakfast and lunch in a menu and there are always mimosas. When I made plans to meet some other Connecticut transplant friends I knew I had to take them to Tart at the Farmer's Daughter Hotel. I had been their once before celebrating a birthday and we loved the place. We had the Whole Family Punch Bowl again with orange juice, champagne and vodka. It was a little large for 3 people to share but at $25 it was the obvious choice, for the price and because we could serve ourselves in Mason Jar glasses.

The outdoor area is secluded from the street and has a very cool vibe. There was a man playing banjo all morning; it almost felt like we weren't in LA anymore. I definitely recommend it for groups. They have bottomless mimosas also and never rush you out. I really loved the mason jar mugs and want to get some for my new place next year. I think they would be so fun when we host friends. What are some other great brunch spots in LA?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last Weekend Before Freedom...I Hope

Tomorrow I finally take Part II of my dental boards. Thank goodness! I am cranky, burnt out from studying and feeling claustrophobic in this apartment. I have been trying to have faith in myself that I can get through this, but if all else fails, I can enjoy some mimosas on Wednesday when I have a day off from school.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Motto of the Week

Love this! We all need to go after what we want sometimes. Kanye should be just as afraid of strong powerful goal diggers as he is of gold diggers.

Goals for the week:
1. Make it through the end of my boards studying! My test is Monday.
2. Eat healthy and exercise. Need to feel good this week to keep myself healthy and spirits up.
3. Be present for my patients. Despite being stressed I want them to know I am there for them!

What are your goals for the week?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Wrapped

Even though my boards exam is only a week away from today, I took some time out over the weekend to de-stress and see my friends. On Saturday morning I attended an amazing bridal shower for my friend Christina at the Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton. It was a beautiful place with a perfect room for an intimate get together. The teas were incredible and the paninis, salad and scones were delicious. The best part by far was the milk and berries cake from Porto's Bakery supplied by Cherish. She really could have a second career as an event planner.

The presentation of everything was so perfect for a bridal shower. This lavender and white chocolate scone was mouth-watering. We played fun games like naming famous celeb couples (I rocked at that!) and guessing Christina's age in pictures of her growing up (not so good at that). It was so great to be included in her celebration and I cannot wait for the wedding in November. Doesn't everyone look so pretty?!

I ended my night by enjoying one of my party favors and finishing up Practice Test J. Champs in a mini bottle with a straw may just be my new drink of choice. Classy and fun, right?

On Sunday night I was thrilled to attend my first Kings game at Staples Center. Forget the Lakers, that place was made for hockey. I got the seats from a friend with season tickets and he sits in the upper corner behind the net, last row. Great spot to view the game. You can tell when you are sitting in a true hockey lover's seats. The goaltending by the Kings was horrendous and hearing people yelling at Garon to go back to Philly made my night. Thank goodness for Quick the Connecticut boy. It was a great excuse to head downtown and I can't wait to go back and see another game and enjoy some dinner in the area. It was a great weekend. Sometimes I don't know how I am going to leave this place.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bring on the Boots!

One of my favorite parts about fall, real fall that is when the weather actually gets chilly, is pulling my boots out from the back of the closet. After months of hibernation they can finally debut themselves again back in my wardrobe. It can be hard for me to work boots into my professional wardrobe, but they are definitely my weekend go to for shopping, errands and fun with friends. I am super excited to try pairing my boots with white jeans this fall. I think the contrast between the brown leather and the white pants will be really chic and it will extend the life of my favorite jeans for months. 

Even Jennifer Aniston has been spotting wearing this trend. Will you try it? C'mon, everybody's doing it! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

White After Labor Day

After Memorial Day I got the perfect pair of white jeans at C.Wonder. I blogged a while ago about how much I like that store, but the amazing cut and fit of these jeans made me love it 10x more. Elliott convinced me they were a must, even though I was wary of my klutzy self in white, and he was right because they look really great and I have made a lot of use out of them on cool Los Angeles nights. Since I am a shorty, the cropped jeans fit me like a regular length jean.
Cropped Stretch White Jean, C.Wonder

I was getting kind of sad that Labor Day has come and gone and it would soon be time to retire them until next year. Then I started flipping through Pinterest fashion boards and all I saw people pinning and talking about wearing white jeans for fall. I was psyched! Of course I live in Southern California currently so we don't get the slushy, rainy season for months and months from now, but everyone can throw on their boots and rock their white jeans into the cooler weather. In my posts over the next few days I am going to prove it!

Mad for Plaid

Nothing says fall to me like when J.Crew Factory starts stocking racks and racks of plaid button downs. No matter how many I own, they always come out with new styles and patterns that I have to have.

1. Top It With A Great Fall Jacket

On Black Friday a few years ago I got a really nice camel-colored faux leather jacket at Express for 60% off. It was such a score and has been a constant staple in my fall wardrobe since I picked it up. Layering a plaid shirt under a great fall jacket is the perfect way to show you know what season it is, but wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion faux pas of the past.

2. Work In Dark Colors

Black blazers, black shoes, black bag. All of these items say colder weather because of the color and pair up perfectly with plaid. Exchange your summer handbag for something in dark brown or black leather with large metal detailing. Trade wedges for a black bootie. Style your white denim the same as you would blue and it will work when the temperature drops.

3. Mix Prints

I always wear leopard as a neutral. I constantly pair my leopard pumps with my orange J.Crew Minnie pants. It may seem like a weird combination, but animal prints are very fall and look great with plaid. Tie it in with a leopard clutch or shoe and be guaranteed to make a statement.

4. Fur Is Fun

I love a fur vest. It doesn't always get really cold here in Southern California but a vest works to keep you warm without overheating. Layer plaid with a fur vest, maybe even belting it if you will be wearing it for a day outside when you won't be constantly removing it. Faux fur vests are an expensive piece that you can find at places like Forever 21 in a variety of shades. Another great way to find some fur to work into your wardrobe is to raid your grandmother's closet. I have gotten some great fur-collared coats and sweaters and stoles that she and my great aunts wore to parties and dances when they were young. 

5. Plaid Doesn't Just Have to Be In Button Down Form

Buffalo print in red and black always gets really popular at this time of year. Lots of brands use that print for fleece jackets. I especially like short, boxy jacket styles so the print doesn't overwhelm. A coat like that would look great over white denim. I have also seen a lot of loafers in tartan plaid. I can picture a nice solid-colored cashmere sweater, a beautiful statement necklace and white jeans paired with some plaid smoking slipper styled shoes. Gap and J.Crew would be great companies to help you construct that look.

Hope you are starting to believe in this trend that I love! Look out for more ways to wear white denim into fall over the next few days. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Philip Lim x Target

I love Target. I love the fact that by the time I have made a loop around the store I have bought a bathing suit, batteries, hand towels and Special K bars. It's my one stop shop for the random things I need, or think I need, in my life. So far I haven't been that enthralled with the Target designer collaborations. The Christmas collection with Neiman Marcus was overpriced and everything ended up on ridiculous clearance. A lot of the designers that they have worked with have been absolutely amazing, but it can be hard to translate fashion that normally costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a thirty dollar piece. Leather is leather, my friends. So when I heard that Target was teaming up with Philip Lim I did not set my expectations too high because his stuff is out of this world and I could not imagine how it would translate to Target level. What really tipped me over the edge of being excited to see this collection is that my favorite blogger and fashionista, Courtney Kerr, was involved in the ad campaign.

How adorable does she look here both in the ad and next to it?

Philip Lim does bags. Like he DOES them. When I see someone carrying one of his pieces I seriously think you are the luckiest girl in the world to be able to have that masterpiece of a handbag. Someday...

The Pashli Medium Satchel in all its glory, $825

The shape and zippers of this bag make me drool. The color is out of this world. So is the price tag at $825. Not in the dental school budget. 

Philip Lim x Target Mini Satchel, $35

I am hoping this one at a great price point does the trick for me. The shape is similar and the color is nice for fall. Mustard always looks so spectacular with navy; truly one of my most favorite color combinations for when it gets chilly. I will be interested to see what the look and feel of this bags is in person before I make a decision to buy. The Philip Lim x Target collection debuts in store on September 15th. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why I Can't Skip the Gym

My trainer sent this out after our workout at the gym yesterday. So much for getting a break in this humidity. When is this heat wave going to end? I am running out of sleeveless shirts to wear.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dreaming of Snow

It has been HOT here. Not just like warm, end of summer California weather, but sticky, humid, sweaty, nasty HOT. And I am getting miserable. The combination of constantly feeling like I need to shower and spending the holiday weekend studying has left me in a total funk. At least I have a four day week to look forward to. Too bad I have at least 3 quads of SRPs ahead. And then another weekend of studying. I cannot wait to have completed my boards and hopefully be headed home for one of my closest college friend's wedding and a week of externing. Fingers crossed I get approved! I think the time home will be a good break and I can come back refreshed to power through taking clinical exams and anxiously awaiting GPR interviews until Christmas.

On that note, Elliott told me he is jealous because I get one more winter without having to shovel my car out or trudge through the snow. Honestly though, I sort of miss those things. I usually get at least some flurries when I am home for Christmas, but I have missed out on all the major snow storms for the past 3 years. And we have gotten some serious powder back in Connecticut. Being so hot today has actually made me want to think about snow days and shivering. Being cold actually sounds appealing in this super humid weather. Since I have been a (fake) California girl for the past couple of years, my collection of winter apparel and footwear is pretty slim. I still have my Uggs, which I proceeded to wear in the snow last year and wiped out about six times walking Elliott's neighborhood with the dog. It's probably okay to think about making some investments in something with a little more traction.

Bean Boots, LL.Bean, $98

I have this idea that some things are just so ugly they actually become cute again. This is how I feel about Bean Boots. They are super practical and all of a sudden they are becoming a staple in the preppy girl's winter wardrobe. I searched them on Pinterest and saw girls wearing them with the most adorable outfits. I like this pair with the navy bottoms, but they actually have lots of color combinations and heights. I definitely plan on picking up a pair this winter so I can enjoy my time home in the snow an be prepared for shoveling my car out when I get called into the ER at 3am in a blizzard next year. It's bound to happen sometime.

I love the idea of pairing boots with thick socks, tights and a wool skirt. Not especially practical for blizzards, but for cold days when the sidewalks are clear I think this is adorable.

My other fall/winter must have is the Hunter boot. I had rain boots for rainy football games in college but they were too big and always left my feet freezing. They were also a really ugly pattern. But they did serve their purpose when we were tailgating in a foot of mud, I will give them that. I have been reading a lot of reviews and lots of girls suggest getting the big kids sizes if you are under about 5'3" because they fall better on the leg. I tried some Hunters for Jimmy Choo on at the outlet store and I totally felt this problem. They went too high on my knee and were uncomfortable to sit down in. I hope I can find them in store and try the youth size on. I have been contemplating between the navy, black and hunter green and all three colors are available in big kids sizes. Nothing says preppy like a pair of Hunters. 

The temperatures for the week are high 90s. Seriously? Some people may be happy for this extended summer, but me, I'll be dreaming of winter.

Happy Labor Day!

Last year I spent Labor Day weekend paddle boarding, hanging out in Sea World and sipping cocktails at the San Diego Hyatt. What a difference a year makes! Today I will be hanging out with my Dental Decks and having some Starbucks. I keep reminding myself that by next Labor Day I will be Dr. Baylis and probably on call in the ER in case any rowdy picnicing people brake a tooth. Weirdly enough, I am pretty excited about that. Even on the most tedious of study days, Lilly makes life better so enjoy this cute little patriotic print! Happy Labor Day!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Be Good to Your Hands

It should come to no surprise to anyone that I wash my hands hundreds of times a day. Every time I put gloves on or take them off I am either sudsing up or reaching for the hand sanitizer. I never realized what a toll that would take on my skin. The soap in the clinic is harsh and drying so I try to do my best in my down time and at home to keep my hands soft and moisturized. I am constantly reaching into my white coat pocket for lotion. Some of the ways I have helped my hands after hours is by using soap that keeps the moisture in. I love the scent of the Next to Godliness Lavender and Chamomile hand soap from Trader Joe's. It's light and refreshing and no matter how many times I use it, it doesn't seem to have that harsh drying effect on my hands. 
Even though we have fancy dish washing gloves, I can never be bothered to wear them so I purchased dish washing soap with Oil of Olay moisturizers built right in. Not that I love doing dishes or anything, but if I am doing good for my skin while washing away grease from our pots and plans, I'd say that's a plus. 
Lastly, nothing beats a good manicure. After working 6 years in an ortho office where bright manicured fingers were a no-no, I have carried this with me to dental school. You will rarely catch me with painted nails unless there was a weekend event and I didn't have time by Monday morning to locate some nail polish remover. My compromise has been to find a nude shade that barely looks like I have anything on, but leaves my nails strong and protected. If you invest in a good topcoat and base coat, this helps to extend the life of your manicure. I like the Ulta brand polishes. They are reasonably priced and work really well. Plus, the store if always offering great sales on their brand of products. Keep nails short; it's OSHA anyway. And make sure to add a clear coat every few days to avoid chips, which I hate! Patients notice the little things and clean well-groomed nails definitely make you look more professional. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! Hope people are having more fun than me and my weekend-long boards studying marathon!