Saturday, September 7, 2013

Philip Lim x Target

I love Target. I love the fact that by the time I have made a loop around the store I have bought a bathing suit, batteries, hand towels and Special K bars. It's my one stop shop for the random things I need, or think I need, in my life. So far I haven't been that enthralled with the Target designer collaborations. The Christmas collection with Neiman Marcus was overpriced and everything ended up on ridiculous clearance. A lot of the designers that they have worked with have been absolutely amazing, but it can be hard to translate fashion that normally costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a thirty dollar piece. Leather is leather, my friends. So when I heard that Target was teaming up with Philip Lim I did not set my expectations too high because his stuff is out of this world and I could not imagine how it would translate to Target level. What really tipped me over the edge of being excited to see this collection is that my favorite blogger and fashionista, Courtney Kerr, was involved in the ad campaign.

How adorable does she look here both in the ad and next to it?

Philip Lim does bags. Like he DOES them. When I see someone carrying one of his pieces I seriously think you are the luckiest girl in the world to be able to have that masterpiece of a handbag. Someday...

The Pashli Medium Satchel in all its glory, $825

The shape and zippers of this bag make me drool. The color is out of this world. So is the price tag at $825. Not in the dental school budget. 

Philip Lim x Target Mini Satchel, $35

I am hoping this one at a great price point does the trick for me. The shape is similar and the color is nice for fall. Mustard always looks so spectacular with navy; truly one of my most favorite color combinations for when it gets chilly. I will be interested to see what the look and feel of this bags is in person before I make a decision to buy. The Philip Lim x Target collection debuts in store on September 15th. 

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