Sunday, September 8, 2013

White After Labor Day

After Memorial Day I got the perfect pair of white jeans at C.Wonder. I blogged a while ago about how much I like that store, but the amazing cut and fit of these jeans made me love it 10x more. Elliott convinced me they were a must, even though I was wary of my klutzy self in white, and he was right because they look really great and I have made a lot of use out of them on cool Los Angeles nights. Since I am a shorty, the cropped jeans fit me like a regular length jean.
Cropped Stretch White Jean, C.Wonder

I was getting kind of sad that Labor Day has come and gone and it would soon be time to retire them until next year. Then I started flipping through Pinterest fashion boards and all I saw people pinning and talking about wearing white jeans for fall. I was psyched! Of course I live in Southern California currently so we don't get the slushy, rainy season for months and months from now, but everyone can throw on their boots and rock their white jeans into the cooler weather. In my posts over the next few days I am going to prove it!

Mad for Plaid

Nothing says fall to me like when J.Crew Factory starts stocking racks and racks of plaid button downs. No matter how many I own, they always come out with new styles and patterns that I have to have.

1. Top It With A Great Fall Jacket

On Black Friday a few years ago I got a really nice camel-colored faux leather jacket at Express for 60% off. It was such a score and has been a constant staple in my fall wardrobe since I picked it up. Layering a plaid shirt under a great fall jacket is the perfect way to show you know what season it is, but wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion faux pas of the past.

2. Work In Dark Colors

Black blazers, black shoes, black bag. All of these items say colder weather because of the color and pair up perfectly with plaid. Exchange your summer handbag for something in dark brown or black leather with large metal detailing. Trade wedges for a black bootie. Style your white denim the same as you would blue and it will work when the temperature drops.

3. Mix Prints

I always wear leopard as a neutral. I constantly pair my leopard pumps with my orange J.Crew Minnie pants. It may seem like a weird combination, but animal prints are very fall and look great with plaid. Tie it in with a leopard clutch or shoe and be guaranteed to make a statement.

4. Fur Is Fun

I love a fur vest. It doesn't always get really cold here in Southern California but a vest works to keep you warm without overheating. Layer plaid with a fur vest, maybe even belting it if you will be wearing it for a day outside when you won't be constantly removing it. Faux fur vests are an expensive piece that you can find at places like Forever 21 in a variety of shades. Another great way to find some fur to work into your wardrobe is to raid your grandmother's closet. I have gotten some great fur-collared coats and sweaters and stoles that she and my great aunts wore to parties and dances when they were young. 

5. Plaid Doesn't Just Have to Be In Button Down Form

Buffalo print in red and black always gets really popular at this time of year. Lots of brands use that print for fleece jackets. I especially like short, boxy jacket styles so the print doesn't overwhelm. A coat like that would look great over white denim. I have also seen a lot of loafers in tartan plaid. I can picture a nice solid-colored cashmere sweater, a beautiful statement necklace and white jeans paired with some plaid smoking slipper styled shoes. Gap and J.Crew would be great companies to help you construct that look.

Hope you are starting to believe in this trend that I love! Look out for more ways to wear white denim into fall over the next few days. 

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