Sunday, October 19, 2014


One of my favorite parts of the fall is stocking up on new boots. I love the fall weather. Nothing beats a 50 degree day you can spend outside in a jacket, blanket scarf and boots. After living in a warmer climate for four years, I really need to work on my winter footwear. A few weekends ago I was able to find some great ankle and knee-high boots in brown. My next purchases will be for the slushier days to come. While the weather has been beautiful lately, you can't trust the New England weather. We'll be shoveling before you know it.

These boots are super comfy and looks great with jeans. At only $50, they are a great fall staple. I wore them apple picking a few weeks ago and they have been my go-to weekend shoe.

My mom and I both purchased these at Kohl's, her in black and me in brown. They are very comfortable and even come in a wide calf. I found them to be more comfortable in that style because there was room to tuck jeans into them. You cannot beat the price and they look and feel great!

I have been wanting Hunter boots for a long time but they were difficult to justify living somewhere that only gets rain every couple of months. Unfortunately being so short the regular Hunters are a bit too tall. I like the idea of a wider calf so that I can tuck jeans into them and fit the crocheted Hunter socks in them as well. I really am drawn to this green color, though the shiny candy apple red ones are fun too! I think these will be a good choice for days following a storm when the snow turns to slush. Need these soon!

I really wanted to get Bean Boots this year but apparently you have to order them in the summer or they get back-ordered until January. Somehow I doubt that the snow will wait for my boots to be delivered so I think I am going to opt for these instead. They come in lots more colors and patterns, though I have always been a fan of navy. The hot pink is super fun but slightly less practical for matching. All I know is that these will be better for getting around in the snow than my Uggs!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On My Radar: Faribault for Target

For those of you that don't know, Faribault is a company based out of a community 50 miles outside of Minneapolis that produces 100-percent wool textiles. They make beautiful blankets and scarves that are both warm and durable. This fall the brand is joining forces with Target for an exclusive line of scarves, blankets, bags and tech accessories that are sure to delight this holiday season. I love the stripes and plaids, mix of neutral and bright colors and the uniqueness of their wool accessories. I have yet to see a price point on these items, but I am hoping that Target will have learned its lesson from last years over-priced holiday partnership with Neiman Marcus, which flopped, and keep this affordable because they will make great gifts-for yourself and your loved ones! The line launches in stores on November 2nd.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shake It Off

I have never been a huge Taylor Swift fan. When this song first came on the radio I liked it before I even knew who was singing it. When I found out it was TSwizzle I wanted to not like it, but then it would come on in the car and I couldn't help but dance around in the driver seat as I sat in traffic out of Hartford every night. Maybe Tay should never have gone country. This seems to be her forte. Her new bob haircut is super cute as well. She may go on too many dates, but it's just so hard to hate on her for it when she's singing the one of the catchiest songs ever.