Monday, February 24, 2014

Factory New Arrivals

There is something wonderful and also absolutely terrifying about getting the J.Crew Factory New Arrivals emails. There's that moment of possibility when you know you love it all and start planning outfits in your head, and then the panic sets in when you realize that you cannot practically own it all. There were just so very many things I adored this round, so I tried to think in outfits rather than pieces to plan my attack in getting what I want for my spring wardrobe.

Boyfriend jeans are everywhere. The wash and wear on these truly makes them look like you stole them out of your boyfriend's closet. Pairing it with a slightly sporty sweater with girly detailing and sandals that will literally go with everything is a great choice for grocery shopping and then meeting a friend for a coffee on the weekends. 

After purchasing both the navy and the camel wool blazers this winter, I have to say that Factory is my favorite. The fit, the detailing and the price make them much more practical and much more wearable than their counterparts at the regular store. The piping on this one gives it a little pizzaz and paired with some cute shorts and the versatile sandals makes for a perfect ensemble for a girls-only brunch at your favorite spot or someplace new. The adorable shoe print on this case is making me wish for an iPhone 5. Please Factory, for those of us not ready for an upgrade, please being it out for the 4 soon!

Clockwise from left: Factory Boy Jean, $59.00; Short Sleeve Stripe Necklace Sweater, $62.50; Printed Case for Iphone 5, $14.50; Keating Boy Blazer in Tipped Linen, $110.50; 3” Pleated Short, $34.50; Demi-Wedge Sandal, $68.50

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day In the Life

As my time in California comes to a close I feel a little bit of pressure to enjoy every moment possible. I think at times the pressure gets to me because I feel like I should always be doing something. Sometimes I need to tell myself that it is okay to sit back and relax. Next year in February I can expect snow and slush and will have to trade my flip flops for duck boots. I took my Nook out to the pool and read a few chapters outside to get some Vitamin D. I may not have been galavanting all over SoCal, but I was enjoying the sun, the palm trees and the ability to wear shorts in the winter months. It may not have been a big adventure, but I was definitely making the most of my afternoon.

Wine Sippy Cup, Kitson, $14.99

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Sneakers

My feet were killing after a long day in Disney a few weeks ago. I love my Keds but those are just not a 12 hour day shoe. I have been looking for a good sneaker that I can wear with gym leggings and also with jeans. I wanted something light and colorful so they would go with anything. We have day two of our Disney pass to use up when Elliott comes in May and I will definitely not make the same mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes again.

Nike Air Total Core TR, Kohl's, $49.99

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


These are the very best kind of friends to have. Thanks for spending time with me KBucks! Love you!


I have a love/hate relationship with the show Girls. I can't stop watching it. I literally devoured the first two seasons in a weekend and was impatiently waiting for it to start up again after Christmas. But every single time I watch it, I internally cringe at this horrible portrayal of 20-somethings in New York, or anywhere for that matter. The show is totally entertaining. How can you not laugh at the antics of Shoshanna? Or how totally anal Marnie can be? Or how now (spoiler alert) she is now hooking up with Ray? Don't even get me started on Hannah's relationship with Adam. Dysfunctional much?

There is something totally likable about them all though. They are quirky and interesting and have some major issues. But don't we all? But then again, aren't there some of us that actually have it a little more together? I have heard the show called the Sex and the City for the new generation. Beyond the fact that it takes place in New York City and there are four friends in the group, I don't see many similarities. Miranda was a lawyer. Two of the characters on Girls work in a coffee shop and I am not entirely sure Jessa even has a job. Carrie must have been doing something right if she could buy all of those Manolo Blahnik's.

Last night the show irked me big time. It was a great episode for sure. There was a group number choreographed by a group of gay theater actors. There was a weekend trip to the Hamptons, or more correctly, the North Fork. Then there was screaming and yelling and hating of each other for growing up and growing apart and not knowing how to deal with it. Shoshanna lost her mind; her new live life to the fullest attitude turned her into a nasty mean girl. Hannah and Marnie can't seem to get on the same page and cut each other a little slack. All in all they were a mess. But then again, aren't they a mess in every episode?

What really struck me was that I had spent the day surrounded by a group of women who were absolutely nothing like these girls. I only knew one of the girls I was with. The rest were friends of friends or friends of friends of friends. Most of them were teachers. They have good jobs and normal relationships. A few were even engaged. Even though we didn't all know each other, we had a great time together. A dive bar can bring people together without a doubt; cheap beer in a pitcher is a universal friend-maker. But I really enjoyed their company and learning about their lives, their jobs, their loves, their successes. We were a group of normal, functioning adults.

So maybe nothing we did yesterday would make for very good TV. We had a lovely lunch at the Sunny Spot in Venice and walked through the canals. We had beers at a bar called the Whaler and I wore wedges which were not the most appropriate footwear for walking all over place. The thing is, there are a lot of 20-somethings like us. The girls that grew into women who may not have it all together, but mostly we do. And while I love the comedy and the rawness of Girls, I take great pleasure in knowing that my life is nothing like Hannah's, but my closet is getting more and more like Carrie's every day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

No Boys Allowed

Sometimes you need a Girls Night Out! It was the perfect time to celebrate our friendship during dineLA at Sorriso in Pasadena. The food was phenomenal and the company was even better. I had been dying to wear this hat from Maple. I felt like I was having a little bit of a J.Lo moment, but I absolutely loved it. I love dining out with these ladies!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


The girls and I have been on a mission lately to try as many amazing brunch places as possible in SoCal before graduation. Everyone knows Tart is our favorite spot because of the punch bowls, but we needed to branch out a little. Yesterday morning we went to Zengo in Santa Monica to sample the Asian/Latin fusion cuisine and bottomless brunch cocktails. For $35 you get two hours to dine, drink and catch up with your favorite girls.

We gave the cocktails 5 stars. The sake sangria was refreshing and crisp. The lychee bellini was sweet and satisfying. The mango puree gave the mimosas a new twist. The waiters serve most drinks from a pitcher so it is quick and easy to get a refill. They even let us double fist so we could try a little bit everything. 

The food was great. Plates come out fast and plentiful. There were both sweet and savory options and really something for everyone. We were on a personal mission to try as many dishes as humanly possible. Some of our favorites were the crispy tofu (3 orders later), the chicken empanadas (can you say cheesy?!) and the pan dulce (fancy name for french toast). It was such an interesting menu with really funky twists on classic favorites. The esthetics of the place were also really cool. I don't know who you have to pay to get a table outside, but we enjoyed our spacious indoor booth, the modern lighting and people around us having an equally good time. It is an excellent place for groups, with many tables for 6 or more and they seemed to be very accommodating.

At one point we had 8 cocktails on the table. After trying most of the menu and 4-5 rounds before this, it was a little tough to finish these off, but we were champs and got it done! Even though the table had a two hour limit, our waiter continued to fill us up for over 3 hours. He even convinced to add on the cheesecake which was a great choice. 

I am so lucky to have these crazies to hang out with! I will miss them so much after graduation!

Shopping at Nordstrom Post-Brunch
Field Jacket, J.Crew; Chambray shirt, J.Crew Factory; White Jeans, C.Wonder; Yellow Flats, Old Navy; Pink Bag, Kate Spade (c/o Kendall)