Monday, September 2, 2013

Dreaming of Snow

It has been HOT here. Not just like warm, end of summer California weather, but sticky, humid, sweaty, nasty HOT. And I am getting miserable. The combination of constantly feeling like I need to shower and spending the holiday weekend studying has left me in a total funk. At least I have a four day week to look forward to. Too bad I have at least 3 quads of SRPs ahead. And then another weekend of studying. I cannot wait to have completed my boards and hopefully be headed home for one of my closest college friend's wedding and a week of externing. Fingers crossed I get approved! I think the time home will be a good break and I can come back refreshed to power through taking clinical exams and anxiously awaiting GPR interviews until Christmas.

On that note, Elliott told me he is jealous because I get one more winter without having to shovel my car out or trudge through the snow. Honestly though, I sort of miss those things. I usually get at least some flurries when I am home for Christmas, but I have missed out on all the major snow storms for the past 3 years. And we have gotten some serious powder back in Connecticut. Being so hot today has actually made me want to think about snow days and shivering. Being cold actually sounds appealing in this super humid weather. Since I have been a (fake) California girl for the past couple of years, my collection of winter apparel and footwear is pretty slim. I still have my Uggs, which I proceeded to wear in the snow last year and wiped out about six times walking Elliott's neighborhood with the dog. It's probably okay to think about making some investments in something with a little more traction.

Bean Boots, LL.Bean, $98

I have this idea that some things are just so ugly they actually become cute again. This is how I feel about Bean Boots. They are super practical and all of a sudden they are becoming a staple in the preppy girl's winter wardrobe. I searched them on Pinterest and saw girls wearing them with the most adorable outfits. I like this pair with the navy bottoms, but they actually have lots of color combinations and heights. I definitely plan on picking up a pair this winter so I can enjoy my time home in the snow an be prepared for shoveling my car out when I get called into the ER at 3am in a blizzard next year. It's bound to happen sometime.

I love the idea of pairing boots with thick socks, tights and a wool skirt. Not especially practical for blizzards, but for cold days when the sidewalks are clear I think this is adorable.

My other fall/winter must have is the Hunter boot. I had rain boots for rainy football games in college but they were too big and always left my feet freezing. They were also a really ugly pattern. But they did serve their purpose when we were tailgating in a foot of mud, I will give them that. I have been reading a lot of reviews and lots of girls suggest getting the big kids sizes if you are under about 5'3" because they fall better on the leg. I tried some Hunters for Jimmy Choo on at the outlet store and I totally felt this problem. They went too high on my knee and were uncomfortable to sit down in. I hope I can find them in store and try the youth size on. I have been contemplating between the navy, black and hunter green and all three colors are available in big kids sizes. Nothing says preppy like a pair of Hunters. 

The temperatures for the week are high 90s. Seriously? Some people may be happy for this extended summer, but me, I'll be dreaming of winter.


  1. Let me know what recommendations you have bc I am thinking of investing in some this season (and in a long insulated jacket). Miss you! Good luck with your studying! <3: Krystle

  2. A lot of people swear by North Face for winter coats. I am a big fan of Patgonia though also. I have a fleece from them and it is so warm and they make ones meant for way colder temps so I bet they are amazing. My parka is Michael Kors and I have been very happy with it. LL Bean is also great for jackets and boots. Growing up I always got my coats from them because they are really made for being out in the snow and wind. J.Crew Factory has some really pretty coats that are more dressy and the regular J.Crew store has some coats with Thinsulate material which is really nice and light-weight but keeps you toasty! Let me know what you decide!

    If you ever want to make a trip outside the city to shop Woodbury Commons is supposed to be really nice! They have tons of the really good outlet stores! I always went to similar malls in Massachusetts because that was cloe to my undergrad and got great stuff! Perfect for Christmas shopping!