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When Birchbox offered SoCal bloggers the chance to get a free threading at Ziba Beauty Eyebrow Salons, I was pumped. I have THE WORST eyebrows. They are wiry and crazy and the hairs grow with a kink in them. AWFUL! I am horrible at maintenance as well, so that certainly doesn't help. 

I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for a few years now. I don't necessarily find it to be any easier or less painful than waxing, but I have had the experience of getting my skin burned and also wax in my hair and would never go back to that. 

The Ziba location in Rancho Cucamonga is closest to my home so I chose to go there on a weeknight. There were about 3 people waiting to go before me and two women who were threading. The girl working the desk was friendly and informative. She promised me I wouldn't be waiting more than 15 minutes; in reality, it was only about 10. My threader was nice, efficient and asked me a few times if I was okay. I think I just make really awful faces because she made it as painless as possible.

The results were wonderful! She shaped them beautifully and showed me how to fill them in a little with a eyebrow crayon. They looked so nice I was sad it was a weekday evening and no one would see them. On my way out the girl at the desk gave me a loyalty card to earn free threading and a kit for maintenance at home. Score! It included a wax pencil to secure the hairs in place, the same crayon she had used to make my brows look fuller and a sharpener. I thought that was a great way to promote people to come back. I felt well-taken care of and like I mattered as a customer. 

I highly recommend everyone in SoCal to go to Ziba for their eyebrow grooming needs. The salon is clean, pretty and efficient and the employees are nice, helpful and caring. For one of the more unpleasant beauty rituals, this was quite a pleasant experience.

 Before- So terrible!

Pretty well-groomed eyebrows in Vegas this past weekend! Love!

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