Monday, March 4, 2013

I Love A Coin Purse

Some people have a lot of shoes. Some people have a fetish for bags. Okay, so I have a ridiculous amount of both of those things, but what really has gotten out of control is my coin purse collection. Every shape, pattern and color you can imagine. And the funny thing is, not one of them actually has coins in it. My boyfriend's mom is partially to blame. I think she knows I love an accessory and she is always sending me some cute little coin purse that I fill with odds and ends and toss in my bag. Is there a meeting for small bag addiction?

 Above: Vera Bradley Coin Purse, $14 ; Below: Vera Bradley Sweetheart Coin Purse, $18
Dooney and Bourke from the Sample Sale in Westport, CT

Kate Spade Pig Coin Purse from the Kate Spade Factory Store

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