Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sippy Cups for Grown Ups

Elliott and I made a couple of trips to Kitson during his visit. I am pretty obsessed with that store. It is a fantastic place to buy fun gifts, silly books and t-shirts you could never find anywhere else. Elliott got the most perfect shirt. It is the softest cotton I have ever felt and it has a plane that says LAX ---> JFK. Pretty much defines our relationship.

I also picked up the perfect summer accessory- the wine sippy cup! I am in love. I was using it down by the pool this week and it was spill-proof and looked so cute. These would make such an adorable birthday gift for a friend with a nice bottle of wine. The only place I have been able to track them down is at Kitson so if you are in the area be sure to snap one up. They told me they are super popular so grab one while you can. Sun, sand and moscato in a sippy cup- sounds like my kind of summer.

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