Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Out With The Old, In With the Metallic

For someone who's job requires her to wear gloves all day, I have an obsession with nail polish. This isn't a new thing. Since I was much younger I loved giving myself manis and pedis with tons of different colors. I was even pretty talented at nail art, drawing snowflakes on my nails in winter and fireworks for Fourth of July. When Birchbox Birchbloggers gave me the opportunity to review some new Ruffian nail polish I felt I was more than qualified for the job.

First off, let me say that the colors are phenomenal. My friends and I have been searching for a gorgeous rose gold forever and this one takes the cake. Rosary is such a beautiful color and obviously the one I was just dying to get on my nails. I almost feel like the nails look like the color of a brand new fresh from the mint penny. Ambrosia is a color that could easily carry you from day to night. Relic is silvery without being silver. It looks mature and very luxe.

Secondly, this polish lasts! Like amazingly well! There is nothing that bugs me more than spending time painting your nails and then sitting still for them to dry and you wash one dish and it looks as if you have been wearing the polish for weeks. Chip city!  I applied the polish at night and topped it off with my favorite top coat Seche Vite Fast Dry. I saw four patients today and did a TON of lab work and I don't even have a chip! This stuff is strong!

People stopped me all day to comment on how pretty this polish looked! I was thrilled that it lasted through so much wear and tear. If you are looking for something to spend those hard-earned Birchbox points on, this is a product to try! Durable, beautiful and chip free. What more could you want from a nail polish?

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