Sunday, October 6, 2013


Ever since I started getting my Birch Boxes in the mail I have been a lot more interested in learning about makeup and beauty products. I love the stuff that I get in the box and the tutorials they post during the month. I noticed that the girls in the videos always have great makeup. Their eyelashes look long and full, their nails freshly painted and their lips in some awesome color. While I will never be a slave to beauty, dental school certainly doesn't permit the time, I thought it would be fun to learn more about the proper brushes and new products that I have never used before. Instead of going on a $500 shopping spree at Sephora to try some new tools, I perused This site is amazing! They have tons of brushes and products for, you guessed it, your eyes, lips and face. They also do nails. I am sure these products are not quite up to par with some of the things you could purchase at a high end makeup counter at Bloomie's, but I am super satisfied with the first shipment I received. I used Pinterest to help me pair up some of the best (and expensive) brands' colors with exact copies from E.L.F. Everything was spot on. For those of you that swear by Urban Decay's Naked palette ($50), I was able to score the exact some colors in a palette for $6. Makeup artists swear by Nars Orgasm blush; E.L.F. makes that one too. Brushes and beauty tools range from $1-$6. My new favorite lip exfoliator was $3. If you want to try new colors and new tools you absolutely cannot beat the prices on this site and they offer free shipping on every order over $35. 

Now I am not saying that you should never splurge again. I have recently gotten addicted to Benefit's Hoola bronzer and Porefessional and I will probably continue to purchase those at Ulta. But as far as new brushes go, if they start to get kind a little sad looking after a few months, toss them and buy another for $1. That has to be way better for your skin and also your wallet than constantly purchasing expensive brush shampoo (which E.L.F. sells too for $3) or replacing high end brushes from MAC or Sephora. 

I found out this week that they sell their products at Target and Walgreens so if you don't think you can rack up $35 worth of products for the free shipping, you can snatch up most of what is online at the store. I really like this brand and the great products that they have. On a dental school budget it's a no brainer to try some of these out!

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