Tuesday, November 27, 2012


People come into our life for a reason. Ally came into mine to be my partner in crime, my other half. Since our first quest together to meet Ryan Cabrera freshman year of college when we successfully lured him off the tour bus, to our most recent adventures on the beaches of Southern California, she has been my best friend, my confidant and my most trusted fashion consultant. During our days at Uconn we would sit at the hair salon for hours flipping through magazines, sipping mimosas and chatting with our hairdresser Justin in our alter egos Lanka and Coco. I always knew she wouldn't lead me astray as I chopped and dyed. We have shopped for major life events together- our Honors Formal, our first Nickel night and college graduation. I will surely be bringing her to pick out a wedding dress someday. These days most of our consulting is done over the phone and via the internet as we live on opposite coasts, but there isn't anyone I trust more to confer on what trends are a go and which are a no-no. Together we became fanatics of Michael Kors, shopped Rodeo Drive, said yay to colored denim and nay to anything and everything tacky. This post is dedicated to an amazing friendship that has led to fabulous bicoastal style. Love ya, girl! Thanks for making me look good!

Our first facebook documented photo together. Even as new friends we were already dressing in the same color family. Oh, the good old days of UConn.

On the beach in Cali in matching aviators! So happy we had this time together! :)

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