Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fashion Icons

We all have that special someone that every time we see them we just go crazy over what they are wearing. There are a lot of amazingly dressed women out there, but one in particular that takes the cake for me is Most Eligible Dallas fashionista Courtney Kerr. Every time she was on screen during her stint on the Bravo show she looked incredible and she has attitude to boot. No pun intended because she is a Texas gal! Not only is she super skilled at putting fun and creative outfits together, but she has a great blog that details her fashion adventures. Something that really stands out to me is her ability to mix high end pieces with items from stores like Forever 21 and Gap and always look like a million bucks. I love using her ideas as inspiration for putting together ensembles from my own closet. I doesn't hurt that she has amazing hair either and has totally perfected the art of wavy hair and the ballerina bun. Do yourself a favor and check out and get some fashion inspiration today!

Perfect Outfit as seen at

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