Monday, November 5, 2012

You Look Good In Rainbow

This weekend I participated in my first 5k. It wasn't just any 5k either; it was the happiest 5k on the planet, The Color Run! While I may not have actually run the whole thing, I had a great time spending time with friends and getting doused in colored corn starch that took a couple of showers to finally be rid of. If you aren't familiar with the race, runners are encouraged to wear white clothing and for each kilometer of the run volunteers squirt them with various colored cornstarch. At the end of the race there is a color festival where everyone gathers and tosses a packet of color in the air. It was a gloriously warm day in San Diego and everyone had an awesome time. If the Color Run comes to a city near you, you should definitely run, walk or dance it because we really did a fun and colorful time!

The Before and After Shots Care of Cherish

Maybe not my best fashion moment, but certainly the most colorful!

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