Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If I Only I was Having A New England Fall

The thing about Southern California that I don't love is that there really aren't seasons here. We are already 5 days into November and the temperature hit 90 today. I am sure my friends and family back in CT would curse my name to hear me say it, but while getting my butt kicked at Boot Camp today in the un-air conditioned studio I was cursing whatever brought about this heat wave. This is nothing new. First year I was studying for my MCBM midterm in my bikini at the pool. But while I had to pull back out my shorts, the lucky people back home are buying up all the awesome winter clothes. Since I can't actually wear them in SoCal anytime soon, let me tell you what I would be snatching up if I was still getting cozy on the other coast.

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