Friday, January 10, 2014

Shake It Up

Bar Tool Set, Crate and Barrel, $79.95

Another one of my favorite gifts this year was this gorgeous stainless steel cocktail set from the boy. Every time we go into Crate and Barrel I drool over the bar carts. And drool is all I will ever do since they are all around $1000. I wish my grandma just happened to have a vintage one in the attic, but unfortunately her best item is a gorgeous fur coat (I will eventually find somewhere to wear it!). This awesome set was a perfect compromise. I love hosting and I hope that when we have people over to our new place next year we can make some killer cocktails. 

My Dream Bar Cabinet, Crate and Barre, $1299

Ell and I can be so on the same page sometimes. I also gave him a gift from Crate and Barrel- copper mugs for Moscow Mules. Moscow mules are made with vodka and have become one of my most favorite drinks. It's light and refreshing and I love the flavor of the ginger beer. Christina and I learned to make them at an STK Bartending class and I have loved them ever since.

Moscow Mule Mug, Crate and Barrel, $14.95

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