Saturday, January 18, 2014

Studio Wraps

Between Monday and Saturday I went to 8 barre classes. Well, seven barre and one piloxing class. I felt so great all week. My muscles were sore, some nights I was exhausted from doubling or tripling up on classes and the arches of my feet are a little achy. But I loved it! I danced for 10 years and I think there is something about finding my inner ballerina again that is really making me enjoy this experience. Typically you wear Toe Socks to class, but my friend Christina turned me on to the Nike Studio Wraps- an athletic shoe designed specifically for yoga, pilates and barre classes. They allow you the freedom and comfort of a bare foot, without actually having to have bare feet.

I love wearing the ribbons for the ankle support and also the fun look. It's a little easier to remember to point your toes when your feet actually look like a ballerina's- a cool, modern one at least. The flats are super convenient also. You can slip them over the wraps and ribbons and head in or out of class in a flash. They are very comfortable and I have been wearing them by themselves around my apartment. I ordered my pair from for the convenience of free shipping and returns. I would suggest ordering one half size up because the flats can be a little tight with the wrap on too.

Of course I ordered the gray/anthracite/volt combination because I love yellow and I love bright. They look adorable in class and make me happy. They are also motivating me to keep up with my pedicures. I don't own a lot of shoes that I wouldn't wear to a bar, but these certainly are the best I could have bought for the barre.

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