Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Little Taste of the Holiday

I love spending time with my family and being silly. For as much as we drive each other crazy and can fight, the five of us (and now Elliott too) are very close and we like to be ridiculous together when we can. It was nice to have everyone home from school and back in the neighborhood. Our new tradition of Christmas Eve day breakfast is a keeper. It fills you up until the big fish dinner and stretches the holiday a little longer. Here is what our holiday looked like...

We're all a little nuts. And we really love our Nonnie. And yes, Bob is drinking a Smirnoff Ice. At breakfast. The rest of us did too but we had enough sense to leave them out of the picture. 

It was so nice to share our Christmas traditions with the boyfriend. I think he appreciated the food. What I did not appreciate was Tim photo-bombing this lovely picture. 

I obviously like this picture because my grandma is in it, but even more so because you can see how festive our house was. We have such a great tree with ornaments that hold tons of memories and my mom is snowman obsessed. She displays her ever-growing collection on the mantle and around the house. A lot of the decor is handmade by me and I love looking back at everything I have painted through the years. 

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