Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have really amazing friends. I know, I know. Everyone thinks that, right? But really, mine are like even more amazing than normal. Not only are they adorable and always look so pretty, they are going to be super successful doctors in a few months. I love this picture of the 3 of us because it's perfectly New England- snow on the ground, a bright colored winter coat, faux fur. We had just finished a great lunch in West Hartford and were silly off sangrias and gossip when Katie (our 4th BFF, and we're missing 2 more) snapped this photo of us. We have a great friendship and so much of what ties us together and weaves its way into our stories and memories is fashion. We could never forget the night we all wore matching halters to a party in different colors like a girl band or when KP's coat got stolen out of a closet and her dad replaced it with a Baby Phat one. I'd like to think as we grow up we become more sophisticated and also better friends because we've stuck by each other through the good the bag and the ugly- in clothing choices and in life.

From left to right: Ally, Me and KPizzle
Photo Credit: KBucks

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